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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Right Now I Feel Used, Dumped And Frustrated. Please Tell Me How I Can Fight Against This Regret And Bitterness Am Into Now.

Dear Beloved, I Am In A Distance Relationship With A Young Man Since Last Year While We Both Were Serving As A Youth Corpers. By God's Grace We Are Believers But We Are Not Of The Same Tribe. We Used To Have Misunderstanding Then Due To His Attitude Of Not Being That Caring And His Unfaithfulness Because He Used To Ask Some Sisters Out Which I Knew About Two Then Before We Finished Our Service. This Really Caused A Big Problem Between Us Cos I Couldn't Believe That He Will Do Such Thing And It Really Broke My Heart And I Wanted To Break The Relationship But He Pleaded And I Accepted Him Back. Something Happened Recently That Made Me To Reflect On What He Did To Me In The Past And I Started Telling Him That He Did Not Love Me Because I Will Not Be The One That Will Be Reminding Him To Call Me, Then He Said That I Used To Remind Him Of The Pain He Caused Me And For This Reason, I Should Follow My Mind And He Wished My Well. I Was Shocked That Truly This Man Did Not Love Me As He Professed To Me; And He Even Proposed To Me. I Now Accept My Fate That I Will Not Force Him To Love Me But The Problem I Have Now Is That I Can't Even Let Him Go Out Of My Mind And Heart, I Feel Depressed And Bitter Now. I Regret Ever Knowing Him Because He Made Me To Compromise Last Year On Pre-Marital Sex Which I Have Vowed Never To Indulge In Again Till I Get Married. So Right Now I Feel Used, Dumped And Frustrated. Please Tell Me How I Can Fight Against This Regret And Bitterness Am Into Now. Please Help Me ‘Cos Am Emotionally Down. God Bless You.

My Dear, I Was Really Touched As I Read Your Message But What Has Happened Has Happened And You Simply Need To Move Forward With Your Life 'Cos I Know That The Brother Is Already Moving On With His Life. From What You Said About Him, I Wonder The Kind Of Believer That Would Be Asking Some Sisters Out When He’s In A Relationship With You.

Now On Woman To Woman, Let Me Tell You Something About Our Emotional Make-Up Which I Feel You Might Have Known Already, We Are Too
Tender And Emotional And God Knew Why He Made Us That Way And That's Why We Have To Hide Our Softness In Him Till He Brings Our Husband To Us. Don’t Cast Your Pearls On A Swine(s) ‘Cos It/They’ll Trample On It!

Allowing Yourself To Fall Into The Sin Of Pre-Marital Sex With Him Was Because You Caved In To Your Feelings/Emotions Which Ought NOT To Control You But Right Now, Please Don't Feel Depressed, Used, Dumped And Frustrated 'Cos What Happened Is Now In The Past And It’s Better Left There!

Go Back To God In Prayers And Sincerely Tell Him How You're Feeling - Pour Out Your Heart To Him And Ask The Holy Spirit To Come And Comfort You And I Know He Will{If You're Born Again} 'Cos I've Once Been In This Kind Of Situation, Cried Myself To Sleep After Praying And When I Woke Up, I Just Knew The Holy Spirit Has Begun His Work And That's How I Fully Recovered.

I Will Be Praying For You And Please Do Read Phil.3:13-14, Meditate On It, Memorize It And I Believe The Lord Will Help You Rise Above Your Emotions To Become Its Master Rather Than Its Slave In Jesus’ Name, Amen. Blessings!


  1. Good answer, Chinenye. I don't have any more to add. More of His wisdom!

    1. Thanks a lot PreciousAY. Much blessings to you dear :)


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