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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I Need Advice On How To Manage My Long Distance Relationship..

Hello Beloved, I Need Advice On How To Manage My Long Distance Relationship. Thanks

My Dear Sister, The First And Best Key On Managing A Long Distance Relationship Is TRUST. Knowing How To Trust Or Not Knowing How To Trust Will Either Make Or Mar Your Relationship. It All Depends On You.

Now When I Say Trust, I Don't Mean Trusting Him 'Cos At Times, He Might Give You A Very Good Reason Not To Continue Trusting Him - It Only Goes To Show He;S Human. When I Say Trust, I Mean Trusting God To Keep The Relationship Since He's The One That Gave The Approval In The First Place.

If Your Fiancé Is Also Born Again, Then You Don't Have To Fear His Cheating On You 'Cos You're Each
Running Your Separate Heavenly Race And He Wouldn't Want Anything To Trip Him Same As You Wouldn't Want Any Hindrance And This Would Eliminate Unwarranted Suspicions And Accusations.

Make Sure To Make Out Time For Visiting - Once In A While Travel Down To His Place{City} And Spend Some Time With Him. You Can Find Someone To Stay With For The Duration Of Your Stay Or A Subsequent Arrangement Would Be Made But Staying At His Place Would Be A Big NO-NO!

Lastly, Call Each Other Often And Be Open To Each Other; Deliberately Become Best Of Friends With Him As This Would Greatly Help The Relationship. Don't Forget To Share Scriptures And Pray Together 'Cos That The Main BACKBONE Of The Relationship. I Guess These Would Do For Now. Blessings To You Dear..

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