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Monday, November 24, 2014

He’s Not Legally Married; Lives With A Woman And Has Three Kids. Now He Wants To Marry Me. What Do I Do?

Dear Beloved, I Am In Great Confusion Now. I Met This Man Through A Sister From My Church. He Proposed To Me But I Later Found Out Through Prayer That He Lives With A Woman In An African Country With 3 Kids. He Didn't Lie About It But He Says They Are Not Legally Married, He Only Hooked Up With Her In Order For Him To Get His Papers And They Signed Some Documents Agreeing To Be Husband And Wife. I Am Confused Cos I Told My Pastors About It And They Said I Should Not Go For It. But When I Told Another Of My Pastor, She Said He Is My Husband And I Should Accept Him. And From The Dream I Had, There Were Battles But Together, I And Him Conquered. I Don’t Know What To Do Cos He Came To See My Family On Monday But They Did Not Accept Him Saying He's Already Married. Please What Do I Do Cos In As Much As I Love Him, I Do Not Want To Enter A Wrong Marriage? God Bless You

My Dear Sister, To Be Really Frank With You, That Man Does Not Seem Like A Genuine Believer In Christ Jesus. First Of All, He Proposed To You Without Telling You That He’s Living With A Woman Who Has Had Three{3} Kids For Him Of Which You Have To Find Out Through Prayer. This Shows A Heart That’s Still Unconverted!

That He Didn’t Deny It When Confronted With The Truth But Went Ahead To Make Flimsy Excuses That He Only “HOOKED UP” With A Woman Just To
Get His Papers. By Signing To Be Husband And Wife Again Showed That He Has No Fear And Respect For The Sanctity Of Marriage Which Is Ordained By God!

There’s No Need For You To Be Confused About Marrying A Man Who Is Dubiously Hooking Up With A Woman Just Because He Wanted To Get His Papers And This Woman Has Already Had Three{3} Kids For Him! Rather Advice Him To Take That Marriage Seriously And Be A Great Father To The Three Lovely Kids That She Has Borne For Him.

You See Dear, God Does Not Bring Dreams To Confirm What Is Clearly Outside His Will For Our Lives. God Can Never Approve Your Marrying A Man Living With A Woman Who Has Three Kids For Him. If You’re Really Born Again, You Ought To Know That The Pastor That That Said You Should Accept Him Is Not A Genuine Woman Of God!

I’m Happy God Even Used Your Parents To Stop Such A Destiny-Killer Marriage. Please Dear, Don’t Love Such A One ‘Cos His Ways Are Really Not Pure And Marrying Him Would Totally Be Wrong. Rather, Thank God For Delivering You From Making A Fatal Mistake And Trust Him To Bring The Right Husband For You At The Right Time. Blessings!

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