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Monday, October 13, 2014

She Is My Source Of Admiration And Joy, Very Beautiful, Intelligent, Sweet And God-Fearing. I Don’t Want To Lose Her. Advice Me Please.

Dear Beloved, I Have This Friendship Going On With My Bestie In High School, A Female And We Happen To Meet Again At The University As Students. This Time Around I Have Decided To Take This Friendship To The Next Level And Get Intimate With Her. Even Though I Haven't Spoken To Her About It Yet, I Have Showed It In My Actions That I Am Deeply In Love With Her And Hoping That Her Reaction Would Be The Same As Mine But She Still Sees Me As Just Friends. I’m Shy To Tell Her That I’m Deeply In Love With Her And Also Afraid Of What Her Answer Might Be Because This Can Also Ruin Our Little Friendship. I Feel So Secured And Comfortable When Around Her. The Feeling Of Just Wanting To Do Just Anything For Her, Anything That Would Make Her Happy Because When She Is Happy Then I Am Happy Also. She Is My Source Of Admiration And Joy, Very Beautiful, Intelligent, Sweet And God-Fearing. I Don’t Want To Lose Her. Advice Me Please.

My Brother, My First Observation As I Read Your Post Is That No Mention Of Having Prayed And Felt God’s Confirmation Was Made. You See, I Don’t Support Boyfriend/Girlfriend Relationships And A Courtship/Marriage Relationship Is Not What Delve Into Just By Your Feelings. You Must Be Fully Convinced Or You May Break Her Heart Unnecessarily.

Before You Take This Friendship To The Next Level, Please Pray About It First And Seek The Lord’s Confirmation But Know That Before
This Can Be Achieved, You MUST Be Genuinely Born Again. I Used The Word Genuine Because God Is Not Deceived And Knows Our Hearts – He Also Knows His Genuine Children And Speaks To Them.
If You’re Sure You’re One Of His Sheep, Then Go To Him And Present This Lady And Let Him Who Knows The Hearts Of Men Approve This Lady For You. If He Does And Confirms Her, Then That Fear Of Ruining Your Little Friendship And Your Shyness Will Leave You ‘Cos He Alone Will Go Before You To Work On The Heart Of That Lady.

I Say All These Because If God Is Not In It, These Feelings Of Great Love, Admiration, Security And Not Wanting To Lose Her Will Soon Fade And If It Does, What Will Happen To Her If She Had Given Her Heart To You. If You Really Love Her Like You Said, Then You Wouldn’t Want To Play With Her Heart And That Is Why You Have To Get It Right From The Beginning.

Finally, She’s Really A Sweet Lady Going By All The Accolades You Gave To Her And Would Make A Great Wife.  So Trust God Who Sees Beyond The Physical To Also Approve And Confirm Her As You Have Done Before Telling Her About Your Deep Love For Her So That You Don’t Ruin The Friendship You Already Have With Her. Blessings!

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