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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Do You Think God Is Telling Me To Go Ahead? Can This Be God? Can God Tell Me To Marry This Man?

Dear Beloved, I Have Being Praying And Waiting On God For A Life Partner. Some Promising And Genuine Sons Of God Have Proposed To Me Overtime Which Got Me Excited That God Has Done It Finally. But Each Time I Took It To God In Prayer, The Holy Spirit Instructed Me Clearly Not To Marry Them Because If I Did I Would Sink, That I Should Exercise More Patience And My Spiritual Mentors Also Confirmed It Each Time. 
Now A Friend Has Been Asking For My Hand In Marriage For About 5yrs, But I Had Always Said NO Even Without Praying Because I Think He's Not So Spiritually Sound To Be My Head, He Doesn't Drink But Takes Red Wine When Making A Toast @ A Party Occasionally Because He Doesn't Believe It Is Wrong To Do So As A Christian, I Don't Even Love Him And He Only Knows Something Keeps Drawing Him To Me
Recently He Proposed Again And Said He Has Waited For A Long Time For Me Without Proposing To Another Lady, That If I Told Him No This Time, He Would Pitch His Tent Somewhere Else And Not Bother Me Again. And So I Took It To God In Prayers This Time, As Advised Not To Turn Down Any Proposal Without Seeking God. 
In The Place Of Prayer, The Holy Spirit Instructed Me "Shift Your Gaze From Others, Fear Not And Open The Door For The One Knocking At This Time, For Every Lying Tongue Will The Lord Destroy". I Asked For More Clarity From God And He Led Me To Read Heb 3:15 To Heb 4:1. Also Some Other Signs Followed. With All These, Do You Think God Is Telling Me To Go Ahead? Can This Be God? 
Can God Tell Me To Marry This Man? I Sincerely Do Not Believe He Can Be My Husband Because I Had Always Thought God Will Give Me A Spiritual Giant As A Partner. But With All These Signs, I Really Do Not Understand. I Have Waited This Long In Order To Please God And Do His Will.

My Dear Sis, After Reading The Scriptures You Wrote Out, I Feel It Could Be God Telling You To Go Ahead. BUT Please Be Very Sure It Is From God ‘Cos His Word Standeth Sure; And Also, Meet Your Spiritual Mentors On This Matter To Confirm It Further.

Now, One Thing I Should Let You Know Is That Our Thoughts And Ways Are So Different From God's Therefore What We
See And Think About A Person May Not Be So True Especially In Spiritual Matters BUT God's Verdict Is Accurate Cos He Alone Sees And Knows The Heart Of Man.

Now You May Think The Man Is Not A Spiritual Giant And As Such Cannot Be Your Head But You Never Can Be Too Sure 'Cos We're Limited In Nature While God Is Not. So Trust Him To Give You A Man Who Will Truly Be The Head And Watch-Man Of Your Family.

Finally, Continue Praying About It As You Wait For The Instructions Or Confirmation From Your Spiritual Mentors And I Know The Lord Will Not Allow His Daughter To Make A Costly Mistake By Marrying Wrongly. Read Prov.3:5-6 And I Know It'll Strengthen Your Heart On This Matter.

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