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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Ten Lies Of Pornography(Intro)..

Introduction: Sex Out Of Context

Imagine Or Visualize A Blazing Fire In The Fireplace. It's Safe, Warm, Relaxing And Romantic. Now Take That Same Fire Out Of The Fireplace (Which Was Built For It) And Drop It In The Middle Of The Living Room. Suddenly It Becomes Destructive. It Can Burn Down The Whole House And Kill Everyone Inside. Sex Is Like That Fire. As Long As It's Expressed In The Protective Commitment Of A Marriage Relationship, It's Wonderful, Warm And Romantic. But Porn Takes Sex Outside That Context.

Porn Is A Big Business That Makes A Lot Of Money And Doesn't Care How. They'll Show You Whatever They Think Will Make You
Come Back And Buy More. It’s Everywhere - On The Internet, Magazines, Cd/Dvd, Novels Etc. A Christian Has To Be Extra Alert To Avoid Them.

One Of The Most Vital Parts Of Mental Environment Is A Healthy Idea Of Who We Are Sexually. If These Ideas Are Polluted, A Critical Part Of Who We Are Becomes Twisted. The Porn Culture Tells You That Sex, Love And Intimacy Are All The Same Thing. In Porn, People Have Sex With Total Strangers – People They Just Met. All That Matters Is My Satisfaction. It Doesn't Matter Whose Body I'm Using, As Long As I Get It. Porn Gets You To Think That Sex Is Something You Can Have Anytime, Anywhere, With Anyone, With No Consequences.

The Problem With Porn's Shallow Perspective Is That Relationships Are Not Built On Sex, But On Commitment, Caring And Mutual Trust. In That Context, Like Fire In The Fireplace, Sex Is Wonderful. Being With Someone Who Loves And Accepts You, Someone Who Is Committed To You For Your Whole Lives Together In Marriage, Someone You Can Give Yourself Completely To, And That Is What Makes Sex Really Great.

To Find Freedom From Porn Addiction, Recognize The Lies. You Can't Learn The Truth About Sex From Pornography. It Doesn't Deal In Truth. Pornography Is Not Made To Educate, But To Sell. So, Pornography Will Tell Whatever Lies Attract And Hold The Audience. Porn Thrives On Lies -- Lies About Sex, Women, Marriage And A Lot Of Other Things. If Proper Care Is Not Taken, Porn Can Badly Mess Up Your Life And Attitudes.

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