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Monday, August 04, 2014

Please Guide Me, Am Really Confused - It Makes Me Laugh At Times, Love Is Bizarre. I Really Need Your Advice, Please.

Dear Beloved, Since I Liked This Page, My Faith Really Grow, But Still Then, My Heart Is Troubled A Little. My Situation Is Really Complicated. I Know I Did Not Please God In The Past, Because I Started An Early Relationship With A Girl, We Were Together For About 5 Years, She Was Pregnant For Me (The Child Died), I Had A Lot Of Trouble With My Family, I Abandoned My Friends But We Are Not More Together; That Was In The Past - Since That Time, I Have Repented And Seek Jesus To Guide Me Every Day. But, Now Am In Love. I Love This Girl, I Don't Know Why. We Know Each Other Since I Was 22 Years, Now Am 25. She Has The Fear Of God But She Is Easily Manipulated Or Influenced By Her Friends And The Environment She Is Growing In. At Times, She Will Become A Nice And Gentle Girl, But After Some Few Days, She Will Return To Her Old Behaviour. It’s True That I Have Broken One Of My Rules Since My Past Experience - I Wanted To Make Love Only With My Wife, But In The Past 3 Years, I Had Sex With This Girl - We Did Love One Time. In My Heart I Know I Did Not Please God, Because I Promised Him That It Will Be Only With My Wife. Since I Know Her, She Always Behaves As If She Does Not Care Much About The Relation We Have, But I Don't Know Why We Are Still Together. At Times, She Does Not Show Her Feelings - I Don't Know How To Describe It, A Type Of Girl That When She Has Anything In Her Mind That She Wants To Do, She Will Do It, Even When You Tell Her To Do Otherwise. I Have Prayed That If She Is Not Sent By God, She Should Go, But She Is There More And More. At Times I Go, I Don't Want To Think About Her, But I Will Be With Her After Sometime. They Are Many Things That She Did Or Are Doing, That At Times I Ask For A Break, But I Will See After Sometimes, We Will Be Together Again. Sometimes Also, I Believe She Is Acting Funny Because She Did Not Grow Up With Her Dad, Just Her Mom And Because Of That Dad's Affection She Lost, She Does Not Want To Open Her Heart To Any Man - The Only Man She Really Respect And Care At Times, Is Me - I Know Her Family Very Well, Everybody There Appreciate Me A Lot. Sometimes, I Asked Myself, If God Want To Test Me Every Day, Because Am Really Confused. I Am Praying God To Change Her Behaviour And Her Heart - That He Should Even Take My Life But Save Her From What She’s Going Through, Still Then - We Are Still Together. Sometimes, I Asked Myself If She Is The One, And If She Is Indeed That God Has Chosen Her For Me, Why Is It That Difficult For Me To Enjoy Her Or Not To Stress Too Much About Her. Love Is Complicated, I Don't Understand. I Am A God-Fearing Man, Really - I Will Not Say Am Perfect At 100%, But Every Day I Put Considerable Effort And I Know The Holy Spirit Is By Me. But Concerning My Relationship With This Girl, Am Confused - I Have Prayed That God Truly Tell Me If She Is The One - And He Showed Me - But Really, Am Confused - Because I Know That When You Seek God With All Your Heart He Will Give What Your Heart Desire (And I Believe - God Will Give You A Good Something Immediately). Please Guide Me, Am Really Confused - It Makes Me Laugh At Times, Love Is Bizarre. I Really Need Your Advices, Please.

My Brother, The Issues You Presented Were Quite Lengthy But What I Can Make Of It Is That You’re Really Confused About The Girl In Your Life. You See, You Can’t Be In A Relationship And Expect God To Speak To You – It’s Like You’ve Already Gone Ahead Of Him And He Just Can’t Take The Back Seat! You Have To Surrender All – Even That Relationship – For Him To Take Over!

When You Want To Seek The Lord’s Face About Someone, You Must
Detach Your Heart From Her And Go Before God So As To Receive Clear Instructions From Him. But If You Already Have A Kind Of Impression Or Feeling For Her, It’s Very Possible And Capable Of Beclouding Your Sense Of Right Judgment.

As The Man, I’ll Advise You Strongly To Go To God In Prayers And Clear Your Head In His Presence So That You’ll Not Take Or Make Any Decision Based On Emotions While Thinking That It’s God Repeatedly Bringing Her Your Way – Sometimes It Isn’t. Another Thing I’ll Not Fail To Bring Up Is The Age Issue – I Feel You’re Still Young And Then, She Is Even Younger!

Finally, Times Solves Almost Everything So With Age On Your Side, Relax And Focus On Completing Your Education, Getting A Job And Establishing Yourself In The Lord. Then Let God And Time Prove If Really She’s The Right Woman For You. I Pray The Lord Will Meet You At The Point Of This Need As You Focus Totally On Him In Jesus’ Name, Amen! 

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