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Monday, July 07, 2014

She’s Married To A Drunk Who Mercilessly Beats Her And She Wants To Return To Her First Love Who She Had A Son For. Am I Right To Help Her In Her Plan To Run Away From Her Husband??

Dear Beloved, I Have A Friend Who’s Married To A Man, At16, She Was Impregnated By Her Boyfriend And The Guy Wanted To Marry Her But Due To Some Family Problem, They Broke Up. She Later Had A Successful Child Birth And That Was Her First Son. She Later Married A Drunk; This Man Became My Friend Due To My Relationship With His Wife. 
Now The Problem Is That, Whenever This Man Gets Drunk, He Will Beat His Wife Mercilessly And Some Time Uses Knife To Chase Her About At Mid-Night, So She Always Come To Me Those Nights Just To Pass The Night. 
I Have Talked To This Man As A Friend Severally And He Will Promise To Stop, But After Some Time He Will Go And Get Drunk And Repeat That Again. Now Her First Son Got Married But No Issue Yet, And The Man She Got Pregnant For At 16 Is Coming For Her Now, But She Has Had 3 Kids With Her Husband Who Always Beat Her. 
When She Explained Everything To Me, I Told Her To Do Her Mind ‘Cos She Fell In Love With That First Guy Again. She Now Wants To Go Back To Him And They Have Already Scheduled How She Will Run From Her Drunk Husband’s House Through Sms And Am The One That Sends Those Sms Because She Can’t Do That. I Want To Know If I Am Safe.

My Brother, Helping Someone To Break Her Marriage And Run Back To Another Man Is Same As Helping Her To Commit Adultery Which Is Sin Before God. If She Wants To Leave Her Home Because Her Husband Mercilessly Beats Her, She Can Give Him Some Space But She's Not Free To Re-Marry {Check 1Cor.7:10-11} And That Command Came From God Himself Through Paul. So She'll Remain Single Else She Will Reconcile With Her Husband.

From Your Story, I Will Advise You To
Share The Gospel With Her So She Can Give Her Life To Christ Jesus And Become A New Creation In Him {Born Again} As This Would Make Her See Everything In God's Perspective. Her Husband Is Blind And Cannot See 'Cos No One Will Turn His Other Half Into A Punching Bag Rather Than Loving And Protecting Her As Christ Loved The Church And Gave His Life For Her.

She Should Go On Her Knees Before God To Fiercely Pray For Her Husband That The Spirit Of Alcoholism Should Leave Him And Let The Holy Spirit Take Over 'Cos As Far As God Is Concerned, That Man - Be Him A Drunk Or Not - Is Her Husband. The According To 1Pet.3:1-2, She Should Submit To Her Husband And Win Him Over To God Through Her Godly Behavior And Not By Wanting To Return To Her Former Boyfriend.

Finally, If You Counsel Her And She Refuses, Then Don't Be A Party To Separation, Divorce And Adultery. Stop Helping Her Send Those Text Messages 'Cos It’s Wrong. Remember The Caution In James 4:17 Which Says That "Anyone, Then, Who Knows The Good He Ought To Do And Doesn't Do It Sins" And Refuse To Be A Party To Sin.

Lest I Forget, As A Young Man, Please Be Very Careful How You Befriend A Married Woman And Allow Her To Sleep In Your House Even If Her Husband Drives Her Away. It Is Not Proper; Rather Look For Another Woman’s House For Her To Sleep In – Not Yours! Please My Brother, Not Yours. Blessings!

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