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Monday, July 21, 2014

He's Afraid That I Might Not Be Happy With Him Or That He Might Not Satisfy Me Since He’s Still A Virgin.

Hello Beloved, I Like Your Blog Page, It’s Really Inspiring. I Am A Christian And Have Been Raped Before By Someone I Trusted. Afterwards, I Just Hated The Act But Now I Have A God Fearing Man God Has Given Me, Due To My Vulnerability. I Have Kissed Him And Even Spent The Night With Him But No Sex Involved; I Told Him About My Past And He Understands And Helps And Looks For Ways To Make Me Happy And Satisfied So He Tries To Fill The Vacuum Of My Sexual Urges Cause I Was Told That These Urges Will Come So Long As Have Be Active. We Have Asked God To Forgive Our Times Of Weakness, But I Know He's Afraid That I Might Not Be Happy With Him Or That He Might Not Satisfy Me Since He’s Still A Virgin.

My Dear Sister, Thanks For Visiting And Learning A Lot From My Blog. I’m Happy To Hear That You’ve Recovered From Such An Ordeal And Also Been Blessed With A God-Fearing Man; I Give God All The Praise And Glory.

Even Though You Kissed And Passed The Night In His Place Without Any Hassle Or Sex Involved, I Wouldn’t Advise That Or Support It ‘Cos You See,
It Won’t Profit Us Anything To Tempt Ourselves Or You Tempting That Brother ‘Cos The Flesh Is Really Weak Though The Spirit Is Willing.

Asking God To Forgive Your Times Of Weaknesses Is Not Enough; You Must Also Abstain From Staying So Close Which Incites Your Sexual And Sensual Senses. There’s Nothing The Holy Spirit Cannot Do If You Trust Him With It – Putting A Hold On Those Sexual Urges.

Finally, Tell Him That There’s No Need To Be Afraid ‘Cos No One Taught Adam And Eve How To Make Love. God Make All Things Beautiful In His Own Time And When You Both Get Married, You’ll Learn How To Please Each Other. So Wait Till You Say ‘I Do’ Before Enjoying Some Benefits Of Marriage. Remain Blessed..

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