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Monday, May 26, 2014

Is It Right To Be In A Relationship With One Who Doesn't Share The Same Faith With You?

Dear Beloved, Am A 23 Year Old Born Again Christian Lady And For Sometimes Past, I Dated 3 Guys Without Seeking Jehovah's Consent. Now That I Know The Right Steps To Take Before Saying Yes To Any Proposal, My Friends Are All Mocking Me. They Kept On Saying I’ll Wither Before God Confirms My So Called Suitable Partner. My Question Is This; Is It Right To Be In A Relationship With One Who Doesn't Share The Same Faith With You? Since I Really Want To Marry From My Church, Should I Keep On Saying No To Guys Outside My Church Or I Should Trust God For My Dream Partner ? Thank You

My Dear, If You're Trusting God For A Life Partner, Then Don't Restrict Him To Just Your Church. He Wants What Is Best For You More Than You Even Do Because His Thoughts For And Let Him Bring The Right Man For You Be It From Your Church Or Anywhere.

I’ll Strongly Advise You To Know The Kind Of Friends You Keep. Any Friend That Does Not Share Your Values And Passions For God Should Be Kept Seriously At Arm’s Length And
Must Not Be Privy To Your Secrets. You Should Only Confide In Those Who Have Proved They’re Worth It And Would Never Mock Your Decision To Stand For God.

God Has Never Failed And He Will Not Fail In Your Own Case When It Is Written That “Since Ancient Times No One Has Heard, No Ear Has Perceived, No Eye Has Seen Any God Beside You, Who Acts On Behalf Of Those Who Wait For Him”{Isa.64:4}. Surely, He Will Reward You With The Right Man As You Wait On Him.

If By Sharing The Same Faith, You Mean The Same Church, I’ll Say There’s Nothing Wrong In Going Into A Marriage Relationship With Someone That Attends Another Church As Far As He Believes In The Birth, Death, Resurrection And Ascension Of Jesus Christ; That He Alone Is The Way, The Truth And The Life And That No One Will See God The Father Except Through Him.

Finally, Be Very Sure That He’s A Born Again Christian Filled With The Holy Spirit. So Don’t Restrict Yourself And God From Working In Your Life By Saying No To Men Outside Your Church. Trust God To Bring The Right Man Your Way Whether From Your Church Or Not. Do Not Lean On Your Own Understanding.

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