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Monday, May 05, 2014

He Closed My Marriage File With Him, Opened For Two Others Sisters And He’s Asking Me To Restart With Him Again. Was I Right To Say No?

Dear Beloved, I Was Engaged To This Brother But Every Time, He Would Be Telling Me That If I Don’t Hasten Up With Visiting My Church Marriage Committee, He'll Close The File And Am A Student Who’s Not Always Chanced. At One Time, He Angrily Closed Up The File And On That Same Day Opened A New File For Another Sister, But The Process Later Went Futile. I Was Told He Brought Another One Which Also Went Futile And Now After Two(2) Years, He Came Back Begging Me To Restart With Him And I Said NO! Was I Right?

Yes, You Were Right! The Brother Was Really Confused And Was Not Being Led By The Holy Spirit 'Cos God Would Never Lead Any Man To Consider Many Sisters When It Comes To Marriage. He Will Only Lead You To The Right Sister; Not To Many Sisters! And I Wonder Why It Was So Easy For Him To Open, Close And Open Files For Sisters As He Wanted.

I Believe These Marriage Files Are Supposed To Be In The Possessions Of The
Church Marriage Committee And As Such, Anyone Who’s Opening A File For A Sister Should Be Duly Questioned Before Permission Is Granted And Should Be Probed If He Suddenly Closes One File Only To Open A New One For Another Sister.

But On The Other Hand, I Believe Two(2) Years Is Quite A Long Time And Enough For Him To Have Matured More In His Faith And Spiritual Life, So Pray About It And Know What God Will Say About Your Decision And This Will Greatly Help You To Know The Next Step To Take – Leaving Him In The Past Or Restarting With Him.

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