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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

THE ‘I’ IN RELATIONSH‘I’P… {It Pays To Be Good}

It Really Pays To Be Good And We All Know This But Sometimes, We Intentionally Repay Evil For Evil Which Is Against Biblical Instructions Given To Us In Rom.12:17a And 21 – “Do Not Repay Evil For Evil”, Do Not Be Overcome By Evil, But Overcome Evil With Good.”

Have You Been Offended And You’re Deciding To Hold Back Your Help And Compliments? It Pays To Be Good So Scatter That Ungodly Decision ‘Cos While We’re Yet Sinners, Christ Died For Us!{Rom.5:8}

My Dear Sister, Has He Not Called For Some Days And You’re Deciding To
Hold Your Own Call Till He Calls First? It Pays To Be Good So Make That Call To Find Out What’s Wrong ‘Cos We’re To Serve Others In Love!{Eph.5:13-14}
My Dear Brother, Has She Wronged You In Anyway And You’re Deciding In Your Heart Not To Buy Her That Thing Which You Promised Her Believing She No Longer Deserves It? It Pays To Be Good So Fulfill Your Promise ‘Cos Our Salvation Was An Undeserved Gift!{Eph.2:8-10}

Married Brother And Sister, Have There Been A Quarrel And You’ve Decided To Reject His/Her Sexual Advance In Bed At Night? It Pays To Be Good So Make Love To Him/Her ‘Cos Your Body Does Not Belong To You Alone!{1Cor.7:3-5}.

It Really Pays To Be Good Especially When You Remember That You’re First Of All Responsible To God On How You Treat And Show Your Love To Others. As You Continually Repay Them Good For Evil, You’ll Win Them For Christ And Your Eternal Reward Awaits You ‘Cos He Who Wins Souls Is Wise!{Prov.11:30}

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