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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

I’m Tired Of The Heartbreaks; How Can I Confirm God’s Destined Partner For Me??

Hello Beloved, I Would Like To Know How I Can Confirm Whether The Person Who Wants To Date Me Is God's Destined Partner For Me. As At Now, I Do Not Want To Go Into Any Experimental Relationship Again Because I Am Tired Of The Heartbreaks. Please In Your Answer Give Me An Example Of How Someone Got His Or Her Confirmation. Thank You.

My Dear, I Will Say The Same Happened To Me And After My Last Relationship And When I Got Born Again, I Crossed My Heart Against Any Relationship Except The One God Himself Will Bring My Way Which Will Lead To Marriage. God Helped And Preserved Me Till He Brought My Dearest And I Together. Let Me Share How I Got My Own Confirmation With You.

My Dearest As At My Last Two Years In The University Was My Neighbour In The Off-Campus Hostel Where I Lived But Then We Were
Just Friends Cos’ He Was Already Born Again Then While I Was Yet To Be Though I Was Very Religious. We Finished From The University But Remained Close Friends Catching Up Through Calls And Chats.

Then All Of A Sudden After I Got Born-Again, Thoughts Of Getting Married To Him Began To Enter My Heart But I Quickly Pushed It Away Because I Didn’t Want Feelings To Destroy My Solid Relationship With Him. It Went But Returned Again So I Had To Confide In And Ask A Sister In The Lord To Pray With Me Against Such Feelings. We Did And It Went Away For Some Time.

When It Came Again More Forcefully This Time, I Went Again To The Sister And She Told Me It Could Be God Laying It Upon My Heart About The Husband He Has In Mind For Me. Then I Went To God In Prayers And Asked Him To Take Away The Burden And Place It On His Son Because It Is A Man That Ought To Propose And He Did That For Me. In Less Than A Month, My Dearest Called Me And Told Me What I Already Knew But I Told Him I’ll Pray About It Which I Did And God Confirmed Him Again In My Spirit.

He Later Told Me That God Had Laid It On His Heart A Long Time Ago But He Was Waiting For The Right Time. Now Your Own Might Not Go Exactly As Mine ‘Cos God Might Not Show You Your Husband Before Hand Or He May – No One Can Predict God – But In All, Just Know That If He Confirms The Right Person For You, It Must Be Firmly Settled In Your Spirit Without Any Doubt.


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