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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

To Love Or Not To Love..

Hi Beloved, of late I have been having problems on whether to love or not because to me, it seems one cannot get love from a person(men).This has been my challenge of late. Please I need your advice. Anne.

Thanks Anne for seeking a Godly advice. Your challenge has been the challenge of so many and I'll be happy to tell you that most of us overcame those challenges because we are over-comers in Christ Jesus.

The mistake most of us(ladies) make is that we don't wait for God to bring the right man into our lives rather, we follow our feelings and love the
wrong men who'll end up breaking our hearts.

First of all, without first understanding God's love for you and appreciating that love will make it hard to get love from other people because no one can really love you as much as God loves you.

It is possible to get love from a man but it involves waiting on God to bring the right man your way. The question now would be; Would you trust God enough to wait?

Waiting on God will make you know when to love, the right person to love ad the relationship that will lead to a Godly marriage.

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Remain richly blessed dear..

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