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Monday, February 13, 2012

How To Spend Your Valentine’s Day..

Marketing Campaigns/Adverts On TV’s, Papers And The Internet Have Been Nagging Us About “The Lovers’ Day Celebration” For Weeks. Maybe You’re Already Looking Forward To A Romantic Date/Outing With The Love Of Your Life.

Or Maybe You’re Resigned To Playing Video Games, Browsing, Reading Or Sleeping The Day Away (Hey, I’m With You On This) But Don’t Worry Because Christ Jesus, The Master LOVE Of Our Lives Will Never Leave Nor Forsake Us.

Whichever Way It’s Going To Be, Remember That It’s

Just A Day And Will Soon Pass So Don’t Do Anything You’ll Later Regret And Live With The Consequences By Allowing The Mood Of The Day To Sway Your Senses.

For Those Married; Take Time To Re-Kindle Your Love For Your Spouse, Bless God For Bringing You Together, Go Out On A Date, Exchange Gifts And Re-Affirm Your Timeless Devotion To And Love For Each Other.

For Those Engaged, Or In A Relationship; Bless God For Giving You Your Future Life Partner, Exchange Gifts, You Can Go On A Date But Please Avoid Being Alone With Your Partner(House/Hotel Room) So As Not To Be Tempted To Have Sex Before Its Proper Time.

For Those Believing God For That Special Person; Bless God For His Time In Specially Preparing You For That Lucky Guy Or Specially Preparing That Lucky Lady For You, Hang Out With Special Friends, Exchange Gifts And Forget Not That Once It’s Night, That Day Will Be Gone.

Valentine’s Day Is A Love To Remember Our Loved Ones So Pray For And Share Your Love With Others.

Remain richly blessed..

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