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Monday, September 15, 2014

Should I Tell Him The Truth? I’m Afraid Of Losing Him If I Do!

Please Beloved, My Past Is Haunting Me Now. The Man That Proposed Marriage To Me Has Found Out My Past Affair With A Married Man, He Is Confronting Me About It And I Don’t Know What To Tell Him. Should I Tell Him The Truth? I’m Afraid Of Losing Him If I Do. Please Help Me, I Have Used My Own Hands To Destroy Myself.

My Dear, The Bible Never Contradicted Itself When It Said The Truth Sets Us Free So I Will Not Advise You Contrary To The Word Of God. You Did Wrong By Committing Adultery But I Believe It Was Done Before You Met And Knew Christ.

Tell Him The Truth And Explain That You Did It In Ignorance When You Haven't Really Known Christ Jesus As Your Lord And Personal Saviour. Do Not Be Afraid Of Losing A Man But Be More Afraid Of Losing Your Salvation.

If You Decide To Lie To Him, For How Long Will You Live A Lie? Remember, The
Truth Shall Always Find Us Out So, Is It Not Better It Finds You Out Now Than After Marrying Him? Bear In Mind That Such Truth Can Scatter Your Marriage If You Proceed With A Lie.

So Dear, Pray About It And Tell Him The Truth Trusting God To Take Over. If He Breaks Up The Relationship Because You Opened Up To Him In Truth, Then Maybe He Wasn't The Man God Has In Store For You After All.

You Might Feel It's Easier Said Than Done Because Your Emotions Had Gotten Involved BUT Love For And The Fear Of God Should Compel You To Do The Right Thing No Matter The Cost. I Pray For You For The Courage To Tell Him The Truth As A Soldier Of Christ Jesus. All Will Be Well In Jesus' Name, Amen!

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