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Monday, June 16, 2014

Look At Me, I've Got No Job, No Money At Bank And At Hand, No Boyfriend... Nothing At All. I Don't Know If Am Doing The Right Thing.. Please Help Me ‘Cos I Don't Know Which Way To Go!!

Hello Beloved, So Many Tins Have Been Running Through My Mind Lately. I And A Brother In My Church Have Been Getting Serious In A Relationship, He Said He Prayed About It And God Showed Him Am His Wife Although God Haven’t Showed Me Yet. Along The Line, He Asked Me To Come Over To His House So We Can Talk And Make Plans About Our Future.. I Refused Coming, He Insisted And I Told Him I Would Come Only On The Condition That He Won't Have Sex With Me Or Romance Me. He Laughed Saying Am Being Childish And That He Must Sleep With Me, And That In Fact, He Even Wants To Get Me Pregnant So I Won't Leave Him. I Became Angry And Told Him Not To Call Me Again. We Broke Up. Then I Met Another Christian Brother Last Month; He Wanted Us To Date And I Told Him I Would Pray About It. I Later Told Him That I Don't Do Pre-Marital Sex ‘Cos Am A Christian. To My Greatest Surprise He Said NO, That He Can't Abide By That. I Was Really Disappointed ‘Cos I Kinda Liked His Appearance But I Let Him Go. I've Broken Up With So Many Guys Because Of This Issue Of Sex. I Have Lost So Many Things Because Of It Too. Most People Would Want To Help Me But When I Refuse Sleeping With Them, They Won't Help Again. I Have A Friend, She Has Everything She Wants, In My Presence A Man Gave Her 50k Cheque Just Because She Slept With Him, She Even Got A Gift Of iPad. She Has So Much Money In Her Bank Account And At Times, I Really Envy Her. Look At Me, I've Got No Job, No Money At Bank And At Hand, No Boyfriend... Nothing At All. I Don't Know If Am Doing The Right Thing. Please Help Me ‘Cos I Don't Know Which Way To Go!!

My Dear Sister, As I Read About Your Predicament, The Chorus Of A Song Sang By MaryMary Titled ‘I Just Can’t Give Up Now’ Came To My Mind And If You Know It, Singing It Often Will Always Be Of Help;

I Just Can’t Give Up Now
I’ve Come Too Far From Where I Started From
Nobody Told Me The Road Would Be Easy
And I Don’t Believe He Brought Me This Far To Leave Me

You Know, The Road To Eternal Life Is Very Narrow And Jesus Never Promised Us That It’s Easy But He Rather Said In John 16:33b That
We Would Have Troubles/Tribulations In This World But He Gave Us The Promise That In Him, We’ll Overcome ‘Cos He Has Overcome The World. So My Dear, Stop Pity-Party And Lean Into The Everlasting Arms Of God.

As For Really Envying Your Friend, I’ll Strongly Warn You To Know The Manner Of Friends You Keep! Friends Can Make You Or Mar You! Dinah, Jacob’s Daughter In Gen.34:1-2, Was Taken And Violated Because She WENT OUT To Visit The Women Of The Land. You Must Know Who You Belong To And Make Friends With Those Who Belong To The Same God!

I’ll Also Recommend Psalm 73:1-End To You So You’ll Know That It Is A Waste Of Time To Envy Sinners Whose End Is Destruction If They Don’t Repent! Why Envy Temporal And Light Things – Money, iPad, Fornication, Etc – And Despise Eternal And Weightier Things Like Joy, Peace And True Riches In Christ Jesus! True Born Again Believers Have Died To The World And Its Sinful Pleasures So Why Are You Still Envying Them???

Are You Born Again? Do You Really Love God? Keeping Your Virginity Should First Of All Be Because You Love And Fear God. Don’t Let Brothers Who Do Not Know Christ Though They Warm The Benches/Seats Of A Church Deceive You! Anyone Who Claims To Be A Christian But Wants Sex Before Marriage Is Not A Christian! Christ Would Never Do Such But Abhors It!

Finally, Choose You This Day Whom You Will Serve – The Possessor Of Heaven And Earth{God} Or The Prince Of This World{Devil}. I Pray You Chose Christ And Seek His Kingdom And Righteousness Then All Things – Job, Money{A Fat Bank Account}, Husband, Children, Peace, Joy, Good Health, Etc – Will Be Added Unto You. The Lord Is Your Strength.


  1. Allelujah, They are also brothers who do not have Girl freinds and all that stuff because they fear God. And it is true it makes one looks freeky but the motivation exactly is this"Whom do I have in heaven but you ohh Lord and on earth I find pleasure in nothing else but you" The Lord is my sherpherd I shall not want... Blessed is the man that walk not according to the counsel of sinners not seat with the moquers nor stand in their ways, but his delight is in the Law of the Lord and he meditate it day and night. HE (OR SHE) WILL BE LIKE A TREE PLANTED BY THE WATER SIDE THAT BRING FORTH GOOD FRUIT IN DUE TIME. Hold on the best is ahead though it takes time but it shall surely come to pass. But pray pray pray like hannah let the heaven not rest untill they remember that you are waiting for answers.

    1. Thanks Dimitri for speaking a lil concerning the brothers' plight in such matters. Really, our help comes from the Lord who gives us the grace to stand and keep standing for Jesus till the right time to be joined to our spouses. Blessings!


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