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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Want To Divorce My Husband Because Of My Mother In-Law..

Hello Beloved! Good Morning To You! It's Been Ages. I'm Having An Issue Right Now And I Need A Candid Advice From You Because The Predicament I'm Facing Now Is Beyond My Knowledge And That Of My Household. The Issue Is That I Want To Divorce The Father Of My Daughter Because Of My Mother In-law. She’s The One Behind My Hubby’s Misbehaviour. So I Decided To Leave Him But He Kept On Begging Me. What Do I Do?

Hi Dear, A Lovely Morning To You Too And Nice To Have You Back On The Page Again. I Love The Way You Said You Need A Candid Advice From Me So I’ll Really Be Straightforward With You. First Of All, God Said In Malachi 2:16a That He Hates Divorce So I’ll Advice You To Cancel That Thought And Want From Your Mind If You Really Love God.

The Predicament You’re Facing Now Might Truly Be

Monday, October 29, 2012

How To Handle Sexual Feelings (7).. By Samson Ajilore..

The World Is Upside-Down For Us To Turn It Right-Side Up:

Funny How The World Has Turned Upside-Down, Now They Tell Us That Exposure And Civilization Is Premarital Sex And Perverted Living, They Despise Our Virginity And Speak Evil Of Our Purity, They Mock The Way Of The Lord Which We Preach. They Think Opposite From God And Strive Daily To Make Us Think Like They Do.

Now Are We Any Surprised? We Shouldn’t Be. However, The Problem With Us Believers Is That We Often

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Should I Use Fertility Pills Or Wait For God’s Time??

Dear Beloved, My Husband And I Were Blessed With Twin Girls In 2009. Of Late We Have Been Trying To Conceive For The Second Time In Vain. One Doctor Gave Us Some Fertility Pills And I Would Like To Ask If It Is A Godly Thing To Take Those Pills Or Should We Wait For God’s Time As He Did Before... Confused.

Hi Dear, I Believe There’s Nothing Wrong With Taking The Fertility Pills Because It Is God That Gave The Doctors/Scientists That Manufactured The Medicine The Wisdom To Do So. It Does Not Also Mean That You No Longer Have Faith In God Because It Is Only When He Permits That Those Drugs Will Work In Us.

It Is Like Being Sick And Asking If It Is

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I’m In Love With One Of My Mentors But She’s So Hesitant Because Of Her Age. What Do I Do?

Hi Beloved, I’m A New Convert And I’m Very Happy About The Path The Lord Is Taking Me Through. I Am In Love With One Of My Spiritual Mentors In The Church. We Have Been So Close And I Have Even Told Her I Love Her And She Directed Me To Speak With The Pastor Which I Did, And Constantly I Have Been Having Counsels From The Pastor. She Has Been Out Of A Relationship For 2years Now And The Relationship Lasted For 7yrs Which Is Making Her Find It Difficult To Open Herself Up To Me. My Issues Are As Follows; She Complains Of Her Age ‘Cos She Is 5months Older Than Me. I Believe She Loves Me ‘Cos It Shows But She Kept Fighting It Whenever She Gets Such Emotion For Me.... I Have Prayed And Still Praying. Please Beloved What Do I Do As I Really Love Her.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Falling In Love With One Of Your Mentors But The Question I’ll Ask You Is This; When Those Feelings Began To Arise, Did You Pray About It To Know If She’s God’s Choice Of A Wife For You? I Didn’t See You Talking About Marriage And I’m Really Not Comfortable With Just Telling Her You Love Her.

I Perfectly Understand Her Hesitancy In Opening Herself Up To You Because She

Monday, October 22, 2012

Does God Choose A Wife For A Man?

Dear Beloved, Men Do Ask Me This Question Daily; Do God Make Choice Of Wife For A Man? I Ask This Because In My Own Case, I Heard God Clearly Spoke To Me In Person About The Lady I Should Get Married To And Still Went Ahead To Confirm It Through Several Great Men Of God And To The Lady Herself. Please Answer The Question. Thanks.

The Answer To That Question Is YES! God Chooses A Wife For Any Man That Allows Him To Do So Because He Will Never Force Himself On Anyone But If A Man Decides To Go Ahead And Make His Choice By Himself, Then Let Him Also Be Prepared To Bear The Whole Responsibility If The Marriage Turns Sour Because As A Christian, Once You Say I Do, It’s For Life!

I’m Happy That You Shared

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Man Rumoured To Be HIV Positive Is After Me. What Shall I Do?

Dear Beloved, I Am 19 Years And Believe This Is Not The Right Time For Me To Be In A Relationship. But There Is This Man Who Is After Me; The Worst Part Of It Is That Rumour All Over The Town I Live Has It That He's HIV Positive. I Am Trying To Avoid Him But I Feel This Is Not The Right Thing And I Fear To Confront Him. What Shall I Do? Please Help..

I Agree With You That Avoiding Him Is Not The Right Thing To Do But You Should Not Be Afraid Of Facing Him And Telling Him That You’re Not Interested In His Pursuit Of You. In A Firm But Polite Way, Disregarding

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Found Out My Boyfriend Is A Year Younger Than Me. How Do I Handle It – Tell Him Or Not?

Dear Beloved, I’m In A Relationship With My Boyfriend And Everything Is Fine Even Though It’s A Long Distance Relationship; We Love Each Other But The Problem Is That I Found Out That He’s One (1) Year Younger Than I Am But He Doesn’t Know Yet. Should I Tell Him Or Not ‘Cos I’m Afraid He Will Leave Me Because Of My Age. Please Help Me.

I’m Presently Working On The Acronym Of The Word TRUST And The First Letter “T” Stands For ‘Truthful’. We Must Be Very Truthful To Our Partners At All Times Because Our Father In Heaven Detests Lying Lips. Hiding The Truth From Him Is The Same Thing As Living A Lie.

The Scripture Tells Us The Truth Will Set Us Free. When You Tell Him The Truth, You’ll No

Monday, October 15, 2012

Loving Your Partner God’s Way..

What If You Experienced Love Like This??

Love Is More Than Emotions, And It Is Much More Than A Good Feeling. But Our Society Has Taken What God Has Said About Love, Sex And Intimacy And Changed It Into Simply Emotions And Feelings. God Describes Love In Great Detail In The Bible, Especially In The Book Of First Corinthians, Chapter 13.

He Did It So That You Can Catch The Full Weight Of His Definition Of Love, Let Me Present Verses Four Through Seven (1 Corinthians 13:4-7) To You This Way. How Much Would It Meet Your Needs If A Person Loved You As God Says We Should Be Loved:

If This Person Responded To You With Patience,

Thursday, October 11, 2012

How Do I Help My Lady-Friends As One Is In Love With A Brother In Our Fellowship While He’s After The Other One?

Dear Beloved, Our Fellowship Group Leader Likes One Of The Brothers From Church, In Fact I Think She's In Love With Him. They Have Been Spending Time & It Looked Like They Were Starting A Relationship. However The Brother Has Began To Show Interest In A Close Friend Of Mine Who Is Part Of The Group As Well And I Am Not Too Sure As To How This Friend Of Mine Feels, As Most Of The Time She Says She's Not Interested, & Other Times She Jokes & Says She Might Be Interested, But She Entertains His Advances, They Even Have Dinner/Lunch Dates. I Don’t Know What To Do As I See A Disaster About To Happen. How Do I Help As A Friend To Both Ladies? We Are All Born Again.

The Best Way To Help Them As A Friend Of Theirs Is To Be Honest With Them. You Said The Group Leader Likes And Is In Love With The Brother – This Sounds As If She’s The One Pursuing After The Brother. Then The Brother Is Now Going After The Other Friend – All In The Same Fellowship. #NotGoodAtAll#

If You’re All Truly

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

I’m Finding It Hard To Remain Happy In My Relationship After My Boyfriend Practically Raped Me. Please What Should I Do?

Hello Beloved. I Have A Problem With My Boyfriend. We’re Both Born Again Christians And Some Time Ago We Had A Big Fight After I Had Gone To His Place And He Wanted Us To Sleep Together. When I Refused, He Used Force Even As I Was Crying, He Did It Anyway. I Threatened To Go To The Police And Report A Date Rape But He Locked Me In That Whole Night. I Didn’t Report Because I Thought I Might Be Pregnant And I Loved Him Still. He Promised Never To Do It Again Until We Are Married. On Another Day, I Visited Him And He Tried To Do It Again But This Time I Was So Angry And Hurt That I Grabbed A Knife And Took The Keys, Opened The Door And Left. He Followed Me To The Bus-stop And Said I Must Undo The Braids In My Hair Because I Was Just Using Him.

He Tugged At One Of Them And Realized They Wouldn’t Come Out Easily. I Went Home But He Followed Me And Swore He Was Sorry And Wouldn’t Do It Again. I Forgave Him Even Though My Love For Him Is Not As It Used To Be. Now These Days, I Can’t Do Anything With Him Without Referring To That Incident. It’s Hard For Me To Accept Money Or Gifts From Him Because The Other Day He Wanted Me To Go With Him To Church In Town I Told Him I Didn’t Have Money For Bus-fare And He Said He Would Reimburse If I Took From My Allowance. Instead Of The Usual R5 Fare, It Was A Dollar That Day (Happens In Zim.) And When I Told Him, He Seemed To Think I Was Lying, I Felt Insulted That He Thought I Would Try And Trick Him Out Of Such An Amount.

Now I Have These Negative Feelings Towards Him Even Though He Says He Was Joking. Help Beloved. Am I Wrong To Expect Him To Do Certain Things For Me, And Not Grudgingly?

To Be Truly Honest With You Dear, That Boyfriend Of Yours Is Not A Born Again Believer In Christ Jesus At All. How Can A New Creation Rape A Lady While She’s Crying And Tried To Do It Again On Another Occasion? He’s A Fake Christian Pretending To Be A Sheep In A Wolf’s Clothing. Please Run For Your Dear Life.

Secondly, You’re To

Monday, October 08, 2012

How To Handle Sexual Feelings (6).. By Samson Ajilore..

Put Your Appetites Under Control:

The Feelings Of Sex Isn’t The Only Thing That Should Be Controlled; I’ve Heard Of Several People Who Failed In School And In Other Disciplines Because They Couldn’t Control Their Appetite For Sleep; Some Even Sleep On Duty Till They Get Fired From Their Jobs. Others Became Thieves And Prostitutes Because They Couldn’t Contain Their Appetite For Food And Sex. We Now Have Campus Prostitutes, Thugs And So On.

Those Whose Parents Sent To

Thursday, October 04, 2012

We’re From Different Backgrounds And Ministries. What Must I Do??

Dear Beloved, I’m In A Relationship And Planning To Wed Soon, But We Are From Different Backgrounds And Ministries. 1) Ministries, We Are Okay With Each Other And We’ve Talked About It. My Concern Is Our Families And Our Wedding ‘Coz He Is An S.D.A And I Do Sundays, What Should We Do? I Really Do Love Him. 2) We Grew Up In Different Backgrounds; He Grew Up In An Abusive Environment (Step Mom) And He Is Very Bitter That Even If We Have A Misunderstanding, He Becomes So Insecure That He Gets Furious Big Time. He Was Open Enough To Tell Me That He Doesn’t Like It But It Just Happens And He Is Willing To Change. I Really Want To Help Him By Doing The Daily Bible Reading But It Seems As If It’s Going To Be Hard. What Must I Do?

First Of All, I’ll Start By Telling You That Marriage Is So Much More Than What We Think It Is. If These Issues Are Treated Or Taken Lightly, It’ll Definitely Get Bigger In Marriage. Different Backgrounds Are Not So Much An Issue As Different Ministries And Bear In Mind That Once Married, It Is The Lady That Has To Switch Over To The Husband’s Church. Are You Ready To Be An S.D.A?

Secondly, We Cannot Change A Man/Woman Because

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

He Doesn’t Call Anymore – Says He Needs To Be By Himself. What Should I Do??

Dear Beloved, I’m In A Relationship, And Got A Confirmation While In It But There’s A 'But' Attached To It. The ‘But’ Is That I Need To Pray Against An Intruder In My Relationship. Things Had Been Going On Fine Until Recently; He Sent A Text That He Is Confused And He Needed To Be By Himself For The Main Time. Could It Be That The Intruder Has Actually Come In? Cos He Doesn’t Call Any More, At Times He Doesn’t Even Pick My Calls So I Decided To Be On My Own And Won't Call Him Anymore. Please Advise Me On This.

Hi Dear, In As Much As I Feel Your Pain, I Would Start By Correcting You First Of All, Based On What You Said About Receiving A Confirmation While In The Relationship. YOU DON’T GET A CONFIRMATION “WHILE” IN A RELATIONSHIP BUT “BEFORE” YOU ENTER THAT RELATIONSHIP.

I Say This Because When You’re Already In A Relationship, The Confirmation That Might Come To You May Be

Monday, October 01, 2012

How To Control Your Sexual Feelings.. By Samson Ajilore..

Don’t Drink From A Stinking Well..

So You See, Sexual Feelings Require Sexual Discipline Because If We Cannot Tame Our Sexuality It Can Wreck Our Lives And Societies. Uncontrolled Sexuality Is The Way To Total Self Destruction. Some Have Thought That Pornography Is One Of The Ways To Curtail Sexual Feelings But It Is Not. Pornography Devalues Women, Downgrading Them To Mere Sex Slaves. It Reduces Sex To Lust So Quickly. It Plants The Seed Of Lust Into People’s Mind Which When Grown Becomes So Controlling.

The World Thinks That It’s Okay Because History Is Yet To Record